Still not sure you want to try a class?

By now, you know Yoga Bindi is here in Muskogee.

It’s in that little place near the VA Call Center, the one that looks like a house and used to be an eye care center, and maybe a psychiatrist’s office for awhile. It has a front porch and some words about awesomeness on the door.

It has a website and a Facebook page, and if you went to the Boonanza, you might have even seen the owner/teacher hanging out in a silly orange hammock, handing out candy and free classes.

You say, “Ooooh, I want to try yoga! I heard it’s really good for me.”

Yet still you hesitate.

Let’s talk about a few of the most common reasons people are hesitant to go to their first yoga class:

  1. Time. This is the big one. Everyone is so busy. We have jobs, kids, animals to take care of, church, volunteering, houses to keep up, friends to see, sleeping to do, appointments to keep — the list goes on. Life in this country goes by at such a hectic pace, it’s nearly impossible to carve out an hour or so for a yoga class. The thing is, this is when you absolutely need yoga. Yoga teaches you to quiet your mind and de-stress, which is like therapy for a busy life. Check out our current schedule here.
  2. Money. As much as we hate it, money is a driving factor in many of our decisions. That’s a fact, and it’s something we can’t help. First, remember that we’re always having special deals and discounts. It also might be a good idea to consider things you could possibly save money on if you have a regular yoga practice. Yoga helps reduce injuries and illness, which saves on medical bills. It helps calm our minds and improve mental health, which might help reduce any reliance on alcohol, tobacco, or emotional eating. It reduces time in therapy and can speed recovery times. Your desire to eat fast food or have sugary drinks will slowly subside, saving you money in that area, as well. When considering money issues, also consider that you are investing in yourself. Everything is easier with a strong, flexible, healthy body and a nimble mind. With all that in mind, we’ve done our best to make our classes as financially accessible as we can and still pay the rent.
  3. Fear of the unknown. Although we hate to admit it, even as adults, it’s scary to walk into a situation where we don’t know what to expect. Fortunately, we’ve built a wonderful, kind, welcoming group of clients here at Yoga Bindi. Everyone you meet in a class is here to help you. And it’s nothing like what you see on TV. We’re not all 20 years old, wearing booty shorts and sports bras. Click here for a fun post on how not to look like the new kid at yoga.
  4. Not sure which class to take. We have so many options, plus a monthly beginner’s workshop. All classes are accessible to beginners. Each class here at Yoga Bindi will help you de-stress; the route you take will greatly depend on the amount of energy you’re hoping to expend. Restorative requires the least amount of energy, followed by Gentle yoga. Yoga for Strength is surely energetic, but Vinyasa Flow is our most energetic. Each class presents its own unique set of challenges, and you’ll soon find your favorite style.
  5. Already practicing somewhere else. That’s great! Please keep on keeping on! Yoga is not competitive, and we’re not here to take the place of anyone’s current teacher. If you choose to add a class here, your teacher probably won’t be mad — that’s not the yoga way! — but we’re definitely not here to try and steal you. That said, if you’re using videos at home, please, for the love of all that is yoga, please come (or go) to some in-person classes! Videos can’t see you to help correct any alignment problems (unless you’re doing Skype classes, of course).
  6. Not the right body type/age/fitness level. Hooey. Everyone (with very few exceptions, based on certain medical conditions) can and should practice yoga. That said, if you do have a medical condition and are unsure whether yoga is right for you, please check with your doctor.
  7. Religious concerns. Over the past few years, a few news stories and blog posts have popped up saying yoga is somehow incompatible with Christianity. Those are radical opinions of people who, frankly, don’t know what they’re talking about. It’s probably worth noting that our owner and teacher is married to a pastor. Yoga is not part of any religion, but it can greatly enhance the one you’ve got.
  8. Child care issues. This is one we really just don’t have the capacity to fix. We encourage you to lean on your support system and come when you can (we do have a few short lunch-time classes if you’re able to attend during school hours). Due to the nature of the practice, we can’t have kids in studio during classes. We’re working on adding kids’ yoga classes!
  9. Questions not answered here. If there is something else preventing you from taking that first class, please reach out to us. We’re super glad to help you address any questions you might have about Yoga Bindi, and the benefits of yoga for your life.

Yoga Bindi is located at 826 E. Broadway in Muskogee. Call us at 918-840-1814 or email We hope we’ve convinced you to come visit us soon!