Oct. 4-7 Classes

Classes will be canceled Tuesday, Oct. 4 – Friday, Oct. 7 for staff enrichment and training. We promise to return with lots of marvelous new ideas to enhance your experience at Yoga Bindi!

We’ll miss you! While we’re gone, please take some time during the week to reflect on what you love about your practice, your body, and your mind. Here are a few things we love about you:

  • You’re motivated to make positive change.
  • You make new students feel welcome and at ease.
  • You see possibilities, not limitations.
  • You’re committed to improving your overall health.
  • You’re uniquely YOU and you don’t care who knows it.

We could go on and on! Thank you so much for all the support you give the studio. Teaching you and learning with you is an immeasurable delight, and Yoga Bindi is better with you in it!

See you around the studio!




2 thoughts on “Oct. 4-7 Classes

  1. Robert Emerson says:

    I have never tried yoga. But I have had three back surgeries. I am 50 years old and thinking of a good change. When does beginners class start? How much and directions please.


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