New Year’s Resolution: Better Quality of Life

resolution-better-lifeExperts say that people are more likely to get in shape, eat better, and make lasting positive change if their main motivation is to improve their quality of life.

So what quality do you want to improve? I invite you to look beyond simple answers, like “lose weight” or “be happier.” What drives you to want to do those things? Follow me down this rabbit hole, if you don’t mind.

If your answer is “to lose weight,” let’s follow it to a bit more specific answer. Like this:

You want to lose weight to get in shape to look better in clothes to gain confidence to attract a mate to achieve personal fulfillment. So really, your motivation is personal fulfillment, and you can try lots of avenues (along with losing weight) to get there.

Or maybe you want to lose weight to get in shape to improve mobility to get down on the floor with your kids to spend more quality time with loved ones. Since your motivation is to improve mobility and spend more time with loved ones, you can also take a yoga or tai chi class and in the mean time, play a game of chess with the kids, or take them for a walk.

So what I’m trying to say is, you might have one overarching goal, but there are other goals, underneath, that you’re also working toward, which will improve your quality of life. Here are a few examples:

  • Achieve personal fulfillment
  • Improve mobility
  • Reduce everyday aches and pains
  • Spend more quality time with loved ones
  • Manage stress better
  • Have meaningful purpose
  • Make a contribution to society
  • Achieve mental and emotional wellbeing
  • Leave a legacy

Improving your quality of life is really defined by you. These examples are a very short list. Try writing out a list of things you’d like to see happen that would improve your quality of life. Then parse each goal out until you find the underlying motivations. Create a list of ways to achieve those goals.

For the person who is looking to lose weight in order to achieve personal fulfillment, weight loss is only one part of the equation. He can also work toward accomplishing a childhood dream, like learning an instrument or writing poetry. He can take a cooking class or volunteer at an animal shelter. He can work to lose weight while also pursuing other avenues to achieve personal fulfillment.

The person who is looking to spend more quality time with loved ones and increase mobility can start today by doing stretching exercises each morning, and then making it a point to eat breakfast with her children. She can start a TV time rule for herself and her kids, and establish specific times of the day that are meant for the family to “catch up.” In addition to working on her weight, she’s pursuing her goal of giving more time to her loved ones while also working on her mobility.

I’d love to hear your plan for what you are going to do to improve your quality of life. Feel free to email or chat with me after class.
And if yoga fits into your plan for improving the quality of your life, sign up for a class here.

Don’t forget to register for my free New YOU REVolution workshop on New Year’s Day to learn more about sticking to all your New Year’s Resolutions!

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