For those new to the practice of yoga or who wish to get back to the basics. We introduce basic poses in a safe but challenging environment. You don’t need to be able to touch your toes; you just need to be willing to try. Expect new confidence, strength, and flexibility.

By integrating breath and body movement, by transitioning between poses, and by building intensity with each new moment, Vinyasa Flow helps build strength, balance and flexibility. As the body works, the mind is able to achieve new levels of calm. Expect to be tired and sore, but to feel a new level of fierce after this energetic class.

This class combines basic stretching, standing balance poses, and restoring movements, allowing each student to gently modify and build toward a personal, intuitive yoga practice. Expect for feel stronger, more confident, and relaxed.

Parents and kids alike are challenged and engaged during this silly, high-energy, exploratory class. We’ll dance, make noise, and use yoga as an opportunity to play and learn about how our bodies work. Expect a lot of new “tricks” during the coming week.

Relax away a week’s worth of stress and trouble with this supremely soothing class. The object of this class is to use supportive props, deliberate stillness, and attention to the breath to melt away tension in the body and mind. Expect to be more relaxed than you’ve ever been.

With a little extra warmth, this class focuses on safely enhancing flexibility by spending extra time with stretches, getting deeply acquainted with passive stretching in particular. Some classes focus on a particular area of the body, while other classes offer an all-over experience. Expect to find more adaptability in your body.

Combining body weight strength training and yoga principles, this is not your typical yoga class. Explore your body’s unexpected strength and take frequent breaks as you and your classmates seek to find joy in both work and rest. Modifications are part of the process, so beginners should not be deterred by the name of the class. Expect to sleep well and be sore the next day; expect greater strength as you continue.

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