IMG_4616According to yoga, our main goal in life is to discover our truth, or our true selves. Although this goal varies for each individual, there are many paths one can chose to travel on their journey to truth.

Kristie Hale’s own path began while living in Kansas City where she was first introduced  to yoga. Feeling like she’d found her home on the mat, she decided to begin her journey with a 200 hour teacher training at the Arkansas Yoga Center in 2006, where she became well versed in the modalities of Anusara, Viniyoga, and Iyengar.

Believing that one never stops learning, Kristie has attended workshops and studied with Rolf Gates, Desiree Rumbaugh, Amy Weintraub, and Karl Straub, to name a few; and, she continues to study and expand her knowledge with Tias Little at every opportunity.

If you were to ask her who her biggest teacher is, she would say her son, Michael.  In fact, it is parenthood that has molded Kristie into a yoga instructor who is adept at adapting her yoga style to fit a broad array of students and their abilities. She knows that it is her students, along with her family and friends that have allowed her the opportunity to pursue her passion for yoga and life.

It is her awareness of her blessings that allows her to bring positivity and cheerfulness to her teachings, while remaining focused on the restorative power of yoga.