As a community yoga studio, Yoga Bindi is committed to providing a safe space for students to relax, restore, and build relationships with other individuals. We do our best to only offer items for sale that we truly believe in, and that we ourselves use to improve our yoga practice.

This community of students has a right to feel comfortable and at ease with other students, and to be respected in this space. We love local business and wish to support each other, and are glad to give students an opportunity to network before and after class.

NO MLM Policy
We ask that no student or potential student enter our premises or contact our students to promote or solicit our students to join an MLM (multi-level marketing company, also known as network marketing). For our purposes, an MLM is defined as any business that recruits distributors, resellers, consultants, or others for the sale or representation of a product or service that does not originate from the person making the contact. We ask that you respect this policy and never solicit or proposition our students. If you do so we reserve the right to ask you to leave.

NO Solicitation Policy
Please understand that the nature of a yoga studio is such that we are available only at certain times of day, with classes ranging from morning to night. We make appointments based on availability and do not hold regular “office hours.” If your company wishes to offer a service to our proprietors, please send an email to with specific information about what you have to offer, and we will determine if we can find time to meet with you.
Additionally, please do not knock on the studio door when the “Class in Session” sign is out. Students’ experience is of utmost importance to us, and we choose not to do business with people who don’t share our priority of Students First.

Thank you for your understanding.
Yoga Bindi