New to Yoga?

Some common questions you might have…

The Basics

Where are you located?
We’re at 826 E. Broadway in Muskogee. That’s near the VA Call Center, between East Side Blvd. and the railroad tracks. We’re at the corner of Broadway and K.

Where should I park?
You’re welcome to park in front of or behind the studio, along K Street or on the Broadway street parking (after hours) of the VA. We have great lighting, and we watch out for each other, too.

What are your prices?
We have varied pricing options, depending on your personal preference and the frequency of your attendance. The best way to figure out what works is to come take advantage of our introductory offer – 2 Weeks for $20! Then you’ll see what fits with your schedule and move on from there. Our prices are available here.

Do I need to sign up online?
We prefer you sign up online to reserve your spot and to save a little time on check-in. If you prefer not to enter billing information, you are welcome to register as unpaid and use cash or check when you arrive. We’ll also ask you to fill out a bit of paperwork in the studio before your first class.

What ages do you teach?
We have students from their teens (under 18 will need a parent’s signature) all the way to 80s. Kids’ yoga is coming soon.

Articles for Beginners
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Are Yoga Pants for You?
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The Practice

What should I wear?
Whatever feels comfy! We suggest something that moves with you, that won’t sag open or gap when you move around. Prepare to be barefoot (no one is looking at your feet, we promise!). The yoga clothes test (per the teacher): Stand up, squat down, fold forward and let your arms and head hang. If your clothes stay put and feel good, you’re golden!

Do I need to buy a mat?
We have mats to lend! A good mat is a huge investment, so try a few on and be sure which style you’re going to stick with before you purchase one. We can help! If you have a mat at home and plan to bring it, we recommend a mat specifically designed for yoga. Thick, squishy exercise mats aren’t the best for balancing poses.

Is there a specific etiquette I should follow?
Yes, thanks for asking! Click here to learn more about Yoga Bindi etiquette. Basically, we want to be sensitive to others, keep our shoes out of the practice room, and be happy!

Is yoga okay for people like me?
Yoga is accessible to just about everyone. If you have a medical condition, please call or visit your doctor or other healthcare professional before beginning yoga. Be sure to let your teacher know if you have any medical conditions that you’re concerned about.

What class do you recommend for beginners/Why don’t I see a beginner class on your regular schedule?
This is a common one, and it’s like this for a reason. Your first class is going to color your opinion of yoga, and we want to get it right! With as many varied styles of yoga as are available, we don’t really believe a “beginner” class is necessary (though we do offer a beginner workshop series). All our classes are accessible to beginners, but it’s really going to depend on what you need from yoga. Do you want to sweat and work and tire yourself out? Do  you just need to relax and be still? Are you looking to stretch? Please read the class descriptions and see what calls to you. Still have trouble deciding? Give us a call. We love to make love matches for new yogis!

Take the quiz to find your perfect match for a first class!

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