Meet Jena

How I Got Here


I didn’t intend to be a yoga teacher. When I was five years old, I knew I was going to be a child psychologist. The day I left for college, the plan hadn’t changed. Three days into freshman year, I changed my major to English and went into journalism as my career. I worked in newspapers and then settled into my dream career of editing a family magazine. It was perfect.

Technology happened, and print media lost its luster. After the magazine closed, I went into marketing, nonprofits, fundraising, that sort of thing. Stress was part of the job and part of what drove me. I craved stress, the way some people crave booze or cigarettes.

I moved from creative job to creative job every couple of years, looking for something that could keep my attention, something that would fulfill my need for constant stimulation. Eventually, I discovered weightlifting. I worked with a personal trainer, devouring fitness as I had my many jobs. One day, my trainer tried to assist me with stretches and announced I was completely inflexible. He told me I needed yoga.

I’ve written in other blog posts about my unexpected introduction to yoga, so I won’t rehash that here. I’ll just say that I started yoga to get a more flexible body. I stuck with yoga because it fed my ego. I went to teacher training because I wanted to teach yoga to kids. I learned, during teacher training, that I was (my term, not theirs) an Ego Yogi. I had been practicing five days a week for four years, and I had never “gotten” the true purpose of yoga practice.

Yes, I could talk the talk. I could pop into impressive poses, I could lecture people about the “therapeutic value” of yoga, I could warn against stretching without warming up. But until I went through the heart-wrenching process of self discovery that is yoga teacher training, I had no idea what yoga truly is about.

Through the catharsis that followed my training, I found a passion for sharing the full benefit of yoga with others. I discovered that I’m uniquely qualified to help people like myself find peace and purpose beyond a self-defeating need for constant stimulation.

When my husband was relocated with his work to Muskogee, I needed two things: a job and a place to practice yoga. I found that jobs in my field are pretty scarce, and the nearest yoga studio (which was an awesome place, by the way) was 25 minutes away. Hmm. I have this certification, and this passion for sharing yoga. What to do…

Opening a yoga studio has its risks, but it’s been more rewarding than I could have imagined. I truly believe that the best people in Muskogee have found their way to my studio steps (or are on their way to them).

Teaching here in Muskogee has been one of the most amazing things I’ve done in a life filled with amazing things. I can’t wait to meet more of Muskogee’s best people.

If you’d like to come visit, we’re located at 826 E. Broadway.