weight-loss-headerNeed to lose a few extra pounds? We can help!

Yoga alone can do a lot of things, but causing spontaneous weight loss isn’t actually one of them. Though many practitioners do see positive changes in their weight, the results are generally brought about as a result of the huge changes yoga brings into our lives. From improving mindfulness to adding muscle mass; from reducing stress to improving willpower, yoga gives us the building blocks with which we can improve our weight and health.

This program adds even more tools to support positive change in your life.

What’s included
Yoga Bindi studio access
30-minute discovery session
Access to up to 4 classes per week (discount for additional classes)
One workshop per month (discount for additional workshops)
A private class every 3 months
Access to self-care facility during set hours
Food and exercise diary with monthly check-ins, plus dietary support
Access to our Weight Loss Group (in-person and Facebook) & group fitness “dates”
What’s not included
No supplements for sale
No food you have to buy from us
No shakes, pills, or miracle products

We’ll help you create and follow an eating plan that works for you.
We’ll work together to set lifestyle change objectives that are realistic and achievable.
We’ll discuss what needs to happen to meet your objectives, both in and out of the studio.
We’ll work together to schedule your classes and ensure you’re getting what you need from your practice.
We’ll re-check your progress at 3, 6, and 12 months, and then yearly after that.

Recommended classes
1 strength class per week
2 vinyasa or lunch class per week
1 gentle or deep stretch class per week

This package does require a signed contract, as pricing for services is averaged over multiple months.

Click here for pricing or to sign up.